Ads that engage
Not just ads. Experiences.
Reach consumers with ads that resonate. Deliver unforgettable ad experiences with our wide range of ad units that expand, float, play, and reveal. Our innovative options help brands maximize their message and create inviting experiences.

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3D Cube Ad Banner Ad Format Button Ad Format
When initiated by the user, the 3D Page Cube will spin page content downward to reveal a larger expanded 3D Page Cube with five faces containing advertiser content.
Rectangular ad space in sizes such as 234x60, 468x60, or 728x90. Above-the-fold positioning of most banners on MSN provides exceptional visibility.
Rectangular ad space, including 120x30, 120x60, 120x90, and more. Buttons are integrated into site content, maximizing visibility without disrupting the user's experience.
Textlink Expanding Graphic Expanding HTML
Typically between 20 to 65 characters on one to three lines of text. Integrated into editorial, Textlinks resemble valuable site content in appearance.
The Expanding Graphic banner features a large 468x560 panel that expands beneath the banner; it is expanded at any time by simply mousing over the banner.
The Expanding HTML Banner is an MSN Rich Media Solution that expands the 468X60 banner into an HTML form as the user mouses over the banner.
Full Screen Ads IAB Billboard Ad IAB Filmstrip Ad
From a 300x250 ad on MSN Homepage, users can launch the Full Screen Ad. Options for interaction are available once expanded.
This 970x250 ad space offers full media interactivity and a large, high-visibility creative palette.
A unique ad placement that stiches together five 300x600 panels. The first interactive panel of the Filmstrip is loaded on initial visit, then the user can move between the panels.
IAB Pushdown Ad IAB Sidekick Ad IAB Slider Ad
A 970x90 ad that expands to 970x415 while pushing all page elements down. After a set duration, or if the user opts to close it, the Pushdown retracts to its original position.
When clicked, this ad and other page content shifts to the left, making room for the ad to expand to the right across a canvas that quickly covers two-thirds of the screen.
A floating browser-width Slider Bar anchored at the bottom of the browser; it launches out of the 300x250 ad experience.
Interactive Panel Push Out Rectangle Ad
Available in a variety of sizes, this ad flips, expands, and floats when initiated by the user.
Initiated by the user, the page appears to be pushed out to reveal a larger ad area. The Push Out stays open until the user chooses to close it.
Standard 180x150 and 300x250 placements, as well as 380x200 ad placement on MSN Games. Well-integrated into content, associating your message with highly specific site-related articles.
Skyscrapper Ad
Large 160x600 rectangular creative space, located at right column. The Skyscraper remains visible as users scroll down the page, providing constant visibility.