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MSN Homepage combines the most popular and complete content from across the web, helping consumers get more done. The Homepage design accommodates a full ad mix that gives advertisers powerful ways to engage audiences.


Why advertise on MSN Homepage?


The engagement of an app with the reach of the web. MSN aggregates content from top online publishers for unprecedented breadth and depth that brings consumers back again and again. Audiences can personalize their homepage, adding, deleting and re-ordering the content channels the way they want. And with horizontal and vertical scrolling, a world of information is only a simple swipe or click away. And advertising on the MSN Homepage allows you to easily scale your campaigns across PC, tablet, and mobile screens.


Consistent experience regardless of device. MSN was built with a true adaptive design where content elements move and resize to accommodate any screen. This new experience was built with consumers and advertisers in mind, resulting in a consistent user experience across devices, while ads look natural and well-placed on all pages.


Simple, yet powerful ad mix. MSN was designed with a simplified ad offering that enables advertisers to more easily buy and manage cross-screen campaigns. With a range of Homepage takeover options, rich media and standard IAB placements, and custom opportunities, advertisers have access to a creative palette that can let their brands shine.


Learn how advertising on MSN Homepage gives you the power to make creative connections at scale, and across screens.

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