IAB Billboard

Creative Acceptance Policy

All creative must meet the requirements of the MSA Creative Acceptance Policy

Ad Specification Details

Ad Type / Ad SizeInitial SizeMax Initial Download File SizeMax Weight Secondary (Polite) DownloadMax Weight Progressive Download (Video/ Streaming Only)Audio Specifications/ LimitAnimation/ Looping Limit
Other970W X 250H50k 1000k 2.2mb Allowed on user click only ; Duration: 30 secAllowed ; Duration: 15 sec, Loop Limit: Unlimited, Video Duration: 15 sec

The User Experience

The IAB Billboard is a huge (970x250), high-visibility ad unit with clear value for advertisers offering full rich media interactivity.  One of the Billboard unique features is the integration of a “Close Ad” button.  The Close Ad button will collapse 100% of the Billboard ad and leave a "Show Ad" button that will redisplay the ad on user click. When a user clicks “Close Ad” button, the ad will disappear pushing page content up, and a "Show Ad" button will remain. When a user clicks "Show Ad", the ad will reappear pushing page content back down and a "Close Ad X" button will appear on the Billboard.


Product Demo


Full Ad Experience:

Closed Ad Experience with Show ad Button in the center:

Ad Specifications

Required elements: Below, is general guideline of required elements, please reach out to Certified Rich Media Vendors for exact details. 

All Elements

970x250 Billboard Element:

  • Dimensions: 970x250
  • Format: Rich Media Flash based creative
  • Initial Load Size:  50K
  • Subsequent Polite Load Size:  Up to 1MB
  • Animation maximum allowed time: 15 sec.  This does not apply to video
  • Expansion: No expansion.  Ad must stay within iframe and have complete border
  • Ad Click through opens into new browser
  • Flash creative must be published in Flash 9 and above
  • Cannot exceed 24 frames per second
  • Must feature a 1 pixel border (gray [#666666] or black recommended, though any color that clearly distinguishes the ad from the content may be used)


“Close Ad X” Button:

  • Close Ad X" button will collapse 100% of the Billboard ad and leave a "Show Ad" button that will redisplay the ad on user click.
  • When a user clicks "Close Ad X", the ad will disappear, page content will push up, and a "Show Ad" button will be placed in the center of the page.
  • When a user clicks "Show Ad", the ad will reappear, page content will push back down, and a "Close Ad X" button will appear on the top right corner of the Billboard ad.


“Show Ad” Button:

  • 88x31 to include show ad text with icon.  No border required.


970x250 Backup Image:

  • Format: .GIF / .JPG
  • File size: 50k
  • Animation: Maximum allowed animation time: 15 sec

Other Specifications


  • Autoplay Animation/Video:  30 seconds
  • Video Controls must be present:  Play/Pause, Volume Control or Mute/Un-mute buttons are required.  Time Scrubber & Replay button are suggested but not required.



  • Audio must be user-initiated and never automatic.
  • Audio controls must be present.
  • If audio is used, creative must include an On/Off switch for users.
  • Audio insertion into Flash file may begin no earlier than the second frame.


CPU Usage:

  • Idle CPU usage typically falls within 8-12%. When testing a Flash file for this ad, CPU usage after the initial loading of the file must be between 20% and 30%.  An initial spike of up to 60% is acceptable in the first five seconds. (Idle CPU usage devised upon computer with a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium Processor and 512 MB of RAM running standard programs.)


 Browser Support:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to 9.0 are supported.
  • Firefox is a supported browser on a case-by-case basis (dependent upon test results and execution design).
  • Limited support may be provided for Safari based on test results.
  • In cases in which a browser is not supported (i.e. Firefox or Mac browsers), users will receive the backup image.


Ads should contain

  • A clear message and offer/promotion
  • Clutter-free design
  • Relevant imagery to the offer or promotion
  • Consistent branding (Use of similar/same logos & messaging)
  • Landing pages should provide relevant content to the ad featured


Not allowed 

  • Ads with fake HTML
  • Ads that are misleading in anyway (specifically within creative messaging/offers/promotions etc…)
  • Inappropriate graphics: included but not limited to graphic images which generate an adverse emotional response from users (i.e., overly graphic medical conditions/images, images of distressed animals or humans), or overexposure to nudity (i.e., swimsuits, sports bras)
  • Rapidly flashing images/multiple flashing images (no more than 2 flashing images at the same time)

Certified Rich Media Vendors

  • MediaMind
  • Unicast:  For any questions regarding this ad unit, please contact Unicast at clientservices@unicast.com.
  • Admotion
  • Piximedia

Data Reported

    • Ad impressions
  • 3rd Party Partner
    • 3rd party partners will typically provide impressions and click-through data, as well as enhanced metrics. Please consult your rich media partner of choice for more detail.

Data Collection

Microsoft permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through web forms embedded in ads).

  • Advertisers may be required to modify ad units or provide additional disclosure in order to be acceptable for advertising on Microsoft sites.
  • Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements (according to specifications above) must follow these guidelines:
    • Clearly identify organization  
    • Provide link to privacy policy (usually adjacent to the web form’s “submit” button)
    • Identify purpose for collecting information

Ad Submission Guidelines

All creative must meet the MSA Ad Submission Guidelines