True multi-screen consumers
Women and moms are researching products and making purchases too, particularly among the Moms audience segment.
Staying connected through technology
If there’s one stereotype that needs to be put to rest, it’s that technology is just for guys. More than ever, Women use the web and connected devices to help them manage their work, family, and social lives. Whether searching for the best deal on tires, keeping up with old work friends, or streaming a new release for family movie night, you can find them online and consuming media across screens.

Social, multi-screen consumers
Women are watching online videos, writing blogs, and playing games. As true multi-screen consumers, they’re doing these things on their laptops, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. They’re researching products and making purchases too - particularly among the moms audience segment. Compared to the average internet user, moms are 35 percent more likely to shop online for clothes, 50 percent more likely to buy toys, and were 29 percent more likely to buy music online in the past 30 days.1 They share news about products they’ve purchased and deals they’ve found. Social moms are 28 percent more likely than the general population to provide frequent advice about online shopping.2 They’re online. They’re shopping. They’re social. There’s no wonder women and moms are such sought-after audiences.

More about women and moms:
  • Over 50 percent of female mobile subscribers use smartphones.3
  • Moms spend twice as much time online each month than the general population and spend 63 percent more time streaming online video.4
  • Moms account for more than half of household consumer electronics purchases.5
  • Social moms are 56 percent more likely to download coupons than the general population.2
  • On average, moms spend nearly 4 hours per day with their smartphones.6

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