Not just ads. Experiences.
Ads in Apps offers a unique creative canvas for advertisers to drive meaningful consumer engagement.

Windows 10 is the first step into an era of more personal computing, empowering people to do great things. We believe your experiences should be mobile – not just your devices. Technology should be out of the way and your apps, services and content should move with you across devices, seamlessly and easily.


Create engaging experiences

Ads in Apps offers a unique creative canvas for advertisers to drive meaningful consumer engagement, where messages are an integrated and seamless part of the user experience, rather than an interruption.


There are over 650,000 Apps in Windows Store that generate about 8 billion impressions per month across tablet and PC.1 From our premium owned and operated apps on MSN and Xbox, to the quality and breadth of our App Network, we give you a wide range of options to target your message in the right context, to the right audience, at the right time.


MSN Apps    MSN – Premium content, rich contextual experiences.  MSN offers rich, contextual environment across Money, Weather, Sports and News. The new MSN allows advertisers and agencies to tap into the engagement of an app, with the reach of the web. 
Xbox    Xbox – Align your brand with entertainment. Gamers can play games for free or purchase games from the Windows Games and Xbox 360 Games stores. Display and video interstitial ads help advertisers connect to the casual and core gaming audiences. 
App Network    App Network – Connect with you audience at scale. The App Network has thousands of apps developed by a broad spectrum of developers, which can offer advertisers more relevant categories and reach. Advertisers can run all of our first and third party ad experiences on the App Network. In addition, the App Network offers our full suite of targeting solutions.




Connect across mobile, the desktop and more

With universal Windows apps that work across the entire device family, developers can build one app that targets the broadest range of devices – including the PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, the Internet of Things, and more. We’re building bridges with iOS and Android developers too, making it much easier for them to bring their apps to Windows.


Rich media ad campaigns

Windows 10 is a beautiful canvas for touch-enabled rich brand experiences.  We now support MRAID, the IAB standard for rich media in an app environment, which makes it easier for you to extend your campaigns to our ecosystem.


We have a robust and growing ecosystem of certified rich media vendors.  We’re working hard to make it easy for you to extend your rich media campaigns onto Windows 10!


Take your advertising further with ads consumers want to engage. Contact us to see what Ads in Apps can mean for your brand.


Or if you’re an app developer, visit the Ads in Apps Developer Site and start creating great experiences for consumers everywhere.


1 Microsoft internal data, April 2015.