Open a new world of opportunities for your clients. The resources below are designed to inspire creative agencies to help clients create amazing app and interactive TV experiences across mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and Xbox. So take a few moments to explore what’s possible, and join the movement today.

Featured Resources

Learn how great Windows 8 apps went from concept to launch

Allrecipes cooks up a Windows 8 App

Coke enchants visitors with Kinect


Windows 8 Apps
“Build” Windows 8 App design and development series

Windows Store app design and developer forums
Windows 8 on Microsoft Partner Network

Windows Phone Apps
Inside Windows Phone video series


Xbox + Kinect

Advertising on Xbox 360
Microsoft search, display and app advertising

Plan & Design

Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 UX fundamentals video series

Index of UX guidelines for Windows Store apps

Designing UX for apps

Windows 8 Apps design case studies

UI design for Windows Store apps forum

Design assets for Windows Store apps

Windows Phone Apps
Windows phone design principles and process
UX design guidelines for Windows Phone
Designing Windows Phone apps to sell
Expression Blend forum
Design templates for Windows Phone

Xbox + Kinect

Xbox on Window 8
Advertising on Xbox 360
Multi-screen advertising with Microsoft

Develop & Build

Windows 8 Apps

Learn to build Windows Store apps
Build your first Windows Store app video series
Windows Store for developers blog
Technical whitepapers for Windows Store apps
Windows 8 app developer blog
Developing for Windows blog
Code snippets for Windows Store apps
Templates to speed up app development

Windows Phone Apps
Windows Phone Dev Center
Fundamental concepts for Windows Phone
Windows Phone Summit video series
Windows Phone developer blog
Developing for Windows Phone forum

Xbox + Kinect
Kinect for Windows Developer Center
Kinect for Windows blog
Kinect for Windows SDK forum

Additional Support

Windows 8 Apps
Windows Store app developer support
Windows Store App Labs
Windows Accelerate program
Generation App developer resources