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Windows 8 brings together the brands consumers love – such as MSN, Bing, Skype, and Xbox – and the reach and scale of Windows. Whether they‘re streaming Xbox Music on their tablets, connecting through Skype from their phones, or using their PCs to stay informed through Bing News, consumers can access the content they want, on the devices that surround them, thanks to the Windows 8 ecosystem.

Building on this amazing consumer-first platform, Windows 8.1 delivers enhancements in personalization, search, apps, the Windows Store, and cloud connectivity.

 Powerful search and browsing Powerful search and browsing
Powered by Bing, Search in Windows 8.1 surfaces results from your PC, the cloud, your apps, and the web. You'll also get the best of apps and web with faster load times from Internet Explorer 11—the only browser perfect for touch.

 Increased personalization Increased personalization
The lock and Start screens of Windows 8.1 have even greater flexibility for personalization with the ability to pin tiles for the people, sites, and apps that matter most. Arrange them any way you like and add pictures and slideshows to bring it to life.
 Powerful search and browsing New MSN apps
Two new MSN apps —Food & Drink and Health & Fitness—are loaded with exceptional content and "consumer-first" features like the Food & Drink Hands-Free Cooking Mode and the powerful Diet, Health, and Exercise Trackers within the Health & Fitness app.

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