What everyone is talking about
Social advertising has become a staple of the media mix as marketers look to leverage their campaigns to drive valuable word of mouth and influence. Microsoft Advertising has helped some of the world’s biggest brands tell their stories through attention-grabbing campaigns that get audiences buzzing.

We start with your brand, add authentic customer stories, and bring it all to life through our unique and highly creative ad solutions. The result is a campaign strategy that uses powerful social elements to support your brand goals.

Authentic. Meaningful. Powerful.
People Powered Stories from Microsoft Advertising combine your brand story with real people’s stories, resulting in more believable campaigns. Through a partnership with Bazaarvoice, we’ll integrate ratings and reviews from over 1,000 websites, allowing you to incorporate curated voices from real consumers into your campaigns.

Unique experiences that connect consumers
Your brand is bigger than 140 characters or a 110x80 image on a social network. We can help you reach your audience through consumer experiences you can’t find anywhere else, and rich creative formats that spark conversations and strengthen your message. 

Xbox – With over 48 million active Xbox LIVE members worldwide,1  we offer deeply engaging ways to reach audiences as they interact with friends through the biggest screen in the house. 

Skype – Exclusive sponsorship opportunities bring your ad front and center where over 330 million consumers connect with their most influential social circles.2
Outlook.com – Outlook.com combines the best of Outlook, Hotmail, and Skype to offer a fresh, clutter-free environment for communicating with family, friends, and colleagues.

Succeeding in social requires more than having a page to capture fans and followers. Microsoft Advertising connects your brand with relevant audiences through buzz-worthy ad units and unique social experiences. 

1. Microsoft internal, April 2014.
2. Skype internal, April 2013.