Health & Wellness: Marketing and Solutions Must be Holistic

As healthcare costs rise, people demand more proactive and preventative approaches to their health. Nearly 90 percent of people (in the U.S.) look to the internet for healthcare information1. As part of our Consumer Decision Journey insights...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 03/11/14

#Infographic: Our top #IABEngage #freshcuts @IABUK

As IAB Engage 2014 comes to a close here are our top #freshcuts: Leena
Leena Shah - MSFTLeena Shah - MSFT Posted on 14/10/14

Becoming a Partner in Health and Wellness: Top Tips for Marketers

For the last 3 years Microsoft’s advertising research has been building out studies looking at consumer needstates, multiscreen behaviours and purchase journeys. We recently turned our attention to the Health and Wellness category, conducting...
Tim Lumb - MSFTTim Lumb - MSFT Posted on 13/10/14

Understanding the drivers of cross-border e-commerce

The world is getting smaller. Fuelled by advances in broadband penetration, internet speeds and increasingly sophisticated e-commerce solutions, consumers' online behaviour is changing. No longer restricted to buying locally, today's discerning...
Cedric Chambaz - MSFTCedric Chambaz - MSFT Posted on 12/10/14

New Book Reveals Seven Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Customers Across TVs, Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Market to people, not devices and other lessons learned in new book. It seems like only yesterday that my colleague Kelly Jones and I set out to create a thought-leadership program at Microsoft Advertising to help marketers better understand...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 21/04/14

@MSAdvertisingUK’s real-time infographics for #AWEurope – download them here #AWMSFT

What a week! Advertising Week Europe was a 4 day whirlwind of intense debate, keynotes and social networking, ending with the wrap party of all wrap parties! During Advertising Week Europe the Microsoft Advertising UK research team produced a...
Jamie Nathan - MSFTJamie Nathan - MSFT Posted on 03/04/14

New Microsoft Study: Simplifying Money Matters for Consumers by Giving Them Control, Clarity and Connection

I’m pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Consumer Decision Journey research: The Consumer Decision Journey: Financial Services. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video detailing the basics of what we discovered by...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 05/03/14

Why Brands Should Be Dreaming of a Cross-Screen Christmas

When I was growing up, Christmas was all about one screen: the television set. Some of my favorite holiday memories are sitting around the TV with my family enjoying old classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and eating one too many Christmas...
Frank Holland - MSFTFrank Holland - MSFT Posted on 10/12/13

Why Consumers WILL be Show-rooming this Friday

It’s almost time to kick-off ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and all it takes is one quick glance at your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone to remind you that the holidays are upon us. . . and you’re already behind on your shopping....
Esther Burke - MSFTEsther Burke - MSFT Posted on 26/11/13

How fragrant Tulips and Armin van Buuren could be your Brand’s Ticket to Success in the Digital Future

Today I find myself in beautiful Amsterdam for 24 Hours of Advertising, the creative marketing industry’s leading event in the Netherlands, held every year with a jam-packed 24 hour agenda. It’s an exciting event, held in a stunning historic...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 07/11/13
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