Stand out

Every brand has a story to tell. The challenge lies in making sure your story stands out in today’s crowded and noisy marketplace. Remessaging from Microsoft Advertising helps you build valuable momentum by continuing your story with people who have already visited your site, clicked your ad, or read your email.

Also known as retargeting, remessaging targets consumers based on their previous exposure and interactions with your campaigns or website. This ensures your message is delivered to a receptive audience that already knows you and is more likely to be in the market for your product or service.

We offer the following remessaging options:

Site remessaging allows you to reengage with users who have interacted with a specific page or pages on your site.

Extended data targeting takes your site remessaging campaigns further by providing deeper insights into every user interaction on your website.

Search remessaging allows you to target consumers based on keywords they’re searched for on Bing.

Creative remessaging targets users based on their exposure to, or interaction with, your ad creative. It can be used to reengage those who have already been exposed to your campaign or extend reach amongst those that have not been.