Your story. On any screen.

Consumers are rapidly changing the ways they use technology for entertainment, productivity, and staying connected with the world around them. Through our extensive Consumer Decision Journey research, we know people use multiple devices and services, sequentially and simultaneously throughout their day. Our Meet the Screens research further uncovered the consumer mindsets associated with each screen and proposed that increased ad effectiveness comes from tailoring messaging and experiences to these mindsets, not simply to specific devices.


At Microsoft, we put consumers first, creating the devices, platforms, and services that help people make the most of any moment. This consumer-first focus extends to our Multi-Screen Solutions, where we’ll help you tell more relevant and more immersive stories to your audience in the moments that matter to them, regardless of screen. Our Multi-Screen Solutions give you the power to:



Engaged Audience

The breadth of our consumer platforms allows you to reach your audience at scale across phone, tablet, PC and TV – whether they’re at work, home or on the go.


Multi-Screen Consumer Platforms



Data Driven Decisions

We give you the data and insights to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, so you can achieve more with your campaigns.

Device-Specific Insights
We can show you audience insights and campaign performance by age and gender across devices that allow you to make more informed decisions. Talk about smart marketing.
 Enhanced Audience Targeting
Enhanced Audience Targeting Enhanced Audience Targeting
This ability to absorb signals from all of our consumer touch points provides us with a wealth of data that creates a multi-dimensional view of your audience. And our respect for consumer privacy builds trust with us, our services, and our advertisers.
Cross-Screen Frequency Controls
Get more from your media budget. A unified view of a user allows you to cap creative impressions across screens for reduced fatigue and increased campaign efficiency.
 Cross-Screen Frequency Controls



Connected Stories

Our Multi-Screen Solutions give you the flexibility to deliver your message, the way you want, more easily than ever.

Creative Sequencing Creative Sequencing
Tell a sequenced, multi-part story through our Creative Sequencing. Show consumers three or four variations of an ad in the precise order you intend to tell a deeper story in logical “chapters”, even if your audience switches devices.
Adaptable Ads
Reduce the creative investment and time needed to execute a multi-screen campaign. You give us industry standard ad elements and we use our technology to build the creative to extend seamlessly across screens.


Adaptable Ads

Check out these cutting-edge campaigns, then read what Stephen Kim, Vice President of Global Accounts and Agencies at Microsoft, has to say about unlocking creativity through multi-screen storytelling. Visit the blog.


Lexus multi-screen campaign  Activision multi-screen campaign O2 Telephonica multi-screen campaign  Microsoft multi-screen campaign


Multi-Screen Solutions from Microsoft can help you deliver a richer, more relevant story, in moments that matter to your audience. Be sure to read the Wall Street Journal post, How Microsoft is Helping Brands Like Lexus Advertise Across Three Screens, and contact us to explore the possibilities.


Multi-Screen Solutions vary by market. Contact your local sales team for more details.