Know more. Do more. Uniquely yours.
MSN has been reimagined to combine the best content from the web with the functionality of MSN Apps. Consumers are empowered to:


Know more. Powered by premium, trusted content from top media providers – big brands to great niche players – MSN delivers a deep and broad experience across the content channels consumers want.


Do more. MSN takes consumers beyond passive media consumption with productivity tools like new car finders, financial calculators, and health symptom checkers, to empower people to get more done.


Make it unique. From tracking their stocks to following their favorite sports teams, MSN allows each consumer to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience, while integrating access to other valued services like Skype, Xbox, and Twitter.


Take it anywhere. MSN syncs personalization settings across platforms and devices, so consumers get a consistent look and feel on every screen.


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Reach an audience of doers

MSN was also designed with you in mind. By bringing together the reach of MSN with the engagement of MSN Apps, your brand is able to reach a wider audience across mobile, tablet, and PC screens. Premium curated content combined with powerful productivity tools, allow you to reach an audience of “doers” in highly relevant environments.


Here, your story is enhanced through a broad range of engaging ad opportunities, including brand integration, and innovative rich media and video, with the creative palette to let your brand shine. Explore our MSN properties to plan your next great campaign.

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