Engage with sight, sound, and motion
MSN Video creates an engaging and immersive environment for premium video content. Through a combination of audience-based programming and content-specific channels, MSN Video offers consumers a television-like experience.


Why advertise on MSN Video?


Brand-friendly content. With MSN Video, audiences and advertisers can expect brand-safe, professionally produced content sourced from top online syndication partners.


Something for everyone. Content-specific channels draw audiences to the types of video that appeal most to them, and allows advertisers to create relevant, targeted ad experiences that drive brand impact.


Video advertising across screens. MSN Video provides consumers and advertisers premium video content and ad opportunities across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.


Learn how advertising on MSN Video gives you brand-friendly opportunities to extend your video assets. 

Creative specs

United Kingdom
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Change market
PropertyAd typeDimensionsCreative specs
MSN VideoStreaming Median/a
MSN VideoStreaming Media300x60
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