Ads that engage

Reach consumers with ads that resonate. Deliver unforgettable ad experiences with our wide range of ad units that expand, float, play, and reveal. Microsoft Advertising offers a broad set of IAB-standard, proprietary, and custom ad formats across our platforms and media brands. Take a look at a few of the ways we can bring your brand to life.


For a full list of our ad formats, visit our Creative specs page.

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  3D Page Cube   Ads in Apps – Ad Controls   Ads in Apps – Click to Video
Unique to Microsoft Advertising, the 3D page cube engages users by spinning, then expanding its five sides to reveal more content.
Your full-screen video experience can be overlaid with features like click to call, photo galleries, polling, and 360 degree views to take engagement further.
Click or tap to a full screen video from any anchor ad and engage your audience with vivid sight, sound, and motion, while extending the utility of your video assets.
Ads in Apps - Hotspot Ads in Apps – Image Gallery Ads in Apps – In-Banner Video
Highlight up to five locations on a static image. At the tap of a “hotspot,” an image and text as an overlay experience.
Mix high-resolution imagery and video within this easy-to-use and highly engaging gallery format.
Bring your brand to life with 15 second video that plays without sound. Users have the option to click for sound or to open a full-screen video experience.
Banner Collage Expanding Ad

A campaign staple, this rectangular format comes in a variety of sizes and can be paired with other standard or rich media formats for maximum impact.

Audiences engage your brand by exploring a 300x600 unit comprised of a collage of hot “tiles,” each of which can reveal different experiences and messaging.

Upon mouse-over, the expanding ad features a large 468x560 panel that expands beneath the banner to reveal a larger creative space to deliver your brand story.
Flip Float Focal Point
An interactive, click-initiated six-panel ad unfolds to cover the full screen, inviting consumers to engage with images and videos.
Combined with either 300x250 or 300x600 formats, the float grabs attention with up to 15 seconds of animation that runs over the homepage.
Multiple hot spots in the expanded scene allow users to tap, zoom, and click different “focal points” throughout the experience, uncovering a rich collection of products through a single ad execution.
IAB Billboard IAB Filmstrip IAB Pushdown
The award-winning IAB billboard offers full media interactivity and a placement that ensures 100% of the users on the page see 100% of the experience.
The IAB filmstrip stiches together five 300x600 panels to create a uniquely engaging ad experience. Once the first panel of the filmstrip loads, users can move between panels.
The 970x90 IAB pushdown expands to 970x415 while pushing all page elements downward. After a set duration, or if the user opts to close it, the pushdown retracts to its original position.
IAB Sidekick IAB Slider Magnetic Canvas
When clicked, the ad and other page content shifts to the left, making room for an expanded canvas that quickly covers two-thirds of the screen.
The IAB slider starts with a floating banner that appears at the bottom of the page. When users click on this “slider bar,” the full ad area is pushed in from the side revealing a larger brand canvas.
The Magnetic canvas ad format creates a 3D effect when the user hovers over the ad through a concept called “parallaxing” for a next-generation cool factor while still being intuitive.
Mobile Banner Rectangle Skype – Audio Conversation
Reach on-the-go audiences across mobile devices and content and experiences like MSN and Skype. Mobile banners are integrated to be highly visible without disrupting the user experience.
Standard sized ad placements can align with quality content, giving your brand contextual relevance in brand-friendly environments. Can be integrated with a broad range of rich media opportunities.
Appearing during a Skype-to-Skype audio call, this ad format gives you a very personal way to connect with your target audience.
Skype – Connection Hub Skype – Home Masthead Banner Storyboard
This high-impact ad displays at the center of the Skype experience, offering broad reach and great visibility where Skype users launch connections.
Place your brand where Skype users sign in, check statuses, and initiate calls to drive both frequency and depth of brand engagement.
Audiences view up to 15 seconds of in-banner animation before clicking to expand the ad, or manually sliding the storyboard open for a full-browser experience.
This 300x600 banner swells at load—catching the user’s attention without covering page content—then contracts to the original size or expands further to 500x700 upon interaction.