Welcome to a new, consumer-first world.

The novelty of the Internet has faded – today consumers use and depend on their various devices in a very human way. Microsoft Digital Trends examine the consumer/technology relationship and reveal current user behaviors and desires around data, privacy, creativity, and the ways technology can enhance our lives.

From trading to creating, serendipity to sensory arousal, Microsoft Digital Trends shows consumers are ready for 'technology as usual' to disappear. Microsoft, IPG Mediabrands, and The Future Laboratory created Digital Trends as your gateway to understanding changing consumer relationships with technology, and what this means for brands and advertisers. We find the humanity in the technology.

It's a new era. Download and discover Microsoft Digital Trends.*

Value Me     My Analytics     The Right to Anonymity     Niche Networks
Consumers want open exchanges with brands but rewards for what they share. See how it works. More than ever, users are online tracking self-improvement goals. Here's how advertisers can be there too. The focus on online privacy demands services that let users control their data. What should you know? Consumers crave unique experiences. Here's how your brand can capitalize on the trend to build personal relationships.
Creator Culture Intelligently ON Age of Serendipity Enhancing the Real
The new coding culture values creativity and anything new. Learn how to appeal to early adopters. People want intelligent, ‘always on’ relationships with technology. We help you make the connection. Daily life is full of fun, easy interactions, and consumers want the same online. See how to surprise and challenge your audience. The best online experiences blur the line between virtual and actual. Discover reality in a virtual world.



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