Maximize your ads


The online advertising world has seen significant growth in Real Time Buying (RTB) of display media over the last few years. RTB is a great way for advertisers to connect with their audience in the right place at the right time; it’s also proven a good method for persuading marketers to include display media in their overall strategy. How can the industry build on this momentum?


Microsoft Advertising asked IPSOS MediaCT to conduct research across a diverse sample of Microsoft Advertising Exchange customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The goal was to understand current perceptions of RTB and learn how to continue its growth.


The research revealed that, although RTB has gained momentum, it’s perceived as a means of direct response marketing. Therefore, most agencies still rely primarily on guaranteed media buying for brand building. In order to continue the current momentum of RTB the industry needs to:

  • Increase the availability of premium, brand-safe inventory via RTB.
  • Create tools that help marketers measure online vs. offline media effectiveness.
  • Educate both agencies and publishers about RTB.
  • Make rich media and cross-screen options available via RTB.