Campaigns that go places


The Toyota Tundra, “the only truck to tow the space shuttle!” continues to garner high praise, awards, and strong consumer reviews. Toyota’s brand campaign, “Let’s Go Places” speaks to the evolution and forward-looking brand-view. Toyota looked to Microsoft Advertising to help bring their brand story to life and promote their innovative 2013 lineup.


Featuring Tundra as the star, Toyota partnered with Microsoft Advertising’s Yarn team to create an immersive Ad Pano: a rich, magazine-like in-app experience for consumers. The ad’s multiple panels and layered video features, all tied together to form a seamless brand story.

Scrolling right-to-left, the consumer taps/clicks on a quarter-page static anchor ad unit (342x768), transporting them to an engaging Toyota panoramic experience to learn more and explore the brand’s line of forward-thinking 2013 vehicles.

The ad ran across relevant Windows 8 apps like Bing News, Bing Travel, and Bing Sports and included 3rd party apps to extend reach against their auto consumers target.


The Ad Pano Ads in Apps experience proved to be effective for the “Let’s Go Places” branding campaign. By showcasing the versatility of the Toyota Tundra, consumers were able to engage with the brand through beautiful visuals and non-intrusive interactions. Campaign metrics included:


  • 25 percent increase in “would definitely consider” Toyota Tundra for their next purchase
  • Over 24% lift reported among those who “love” the product
  • 54% said the Toyota Ad Pano fit the environment of the campaign