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Microsoft Advertising UK Finance Industry Insights: September 2014

Following on from my August Finance insights, this month, I've been looking at the momentum building around what I term “utility” apps; services that enhance an experience or function to support a user as opposed to entertain and amuse them. The...

Posted on 08/09/14

Microsoft Advertising UK Finance Industry Insights: August 2014

At Microsoft we have a wealth of data and insights and part of my role is to help the finance industry plan their marketing campaigns effectively by surfacing these unique insights and package them up along with industry 3rd party data. This month...

Posted on 05/08/14

UK Post Office for sale – fill your sacks (#financial)

Yes, it has finally been set in motion the Royal Mail is up for sale, and an institution as famous for its history of getting the mail through despite the efforts of *** Turpin et al as it is for its Postman Pat red vans going to face a less than...

Posted on 08/10/13
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