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#EatAdWaffle Illustrated

Slang, jargon, waffle – whatever you want to call it, colloquial language is rife throughout the advertising industry. While its use can be very effective at communicating meaning amongst like-minded people, the terms used by advertisers are...

Posted on 18/09/14

Microsoft Advertising UK busts industry jargon with #EatAdWaffle

The marketing and creative industries have long had a reputation for weird and wonderful abbreviations and acronyms describing what they do and the tools they use. But in their haste to define the fast-changing world of digital media they have...

Posted on 31/08/14

Tor Crockatt, EMEA Product Marketing Director for @BingAds gives @stateofdigital her Friday commentary

Every Friday experts shine a light on the digital industry on State of Digital. Last Friday they invited Tor Crockatt, EMEA Product Marketing Director for Bing Ads to share where we are heading in search. In the article ‘Move over ‘worldwide...

Posted on 20/07/14
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