Critical Update: Microsoft Advertising SDKs for Windows Phone

Today Microsoft Advertising is making available new SDKs for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. We discovered a critical bug with the Windows Phone 8.0 Silverlight and Windows Phone 8.1 XAML ad SDKs we released on 4/2 that will result in some ads...
Chris Ponath - MSFTChris Ponath - MSFT Posted on 12/05/14

The Next Billion Consumers are Online

You can see it everywhere. From billboards to news headlines, from international politics to the world of business – the global socio-economic shift is a well-established reality. For the first time, people in developed and emerging markets are...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 06/05/14

Man on the Street – Microsoft Digital Content NewFront

Tom hits up the Microsoft DCNF event and shares in the excitement.
Tom Costello - MSFTTom Costello - MSFT Posted on 30/04/14

Microsoft, Xbox Originals and the Next Chapter in Storytelling

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” This proverb came to mind as I reviewed my notes for this year’s third annual Digital Content NewFronts. I began thinking backwards from the wonderful content Nancy and Jordan revealed on...
Stephen Kim - MSFTStephen Kim - MSFT Posted on 28/04/14

Welcome Nokia Devices & Services!

I’m very pleased about the recent announcement regarding the completion of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services (NDS) business. Unifying Nokia’s NDS business and Microsoft’s engineering horsepower under one roof, and adding so...
Greg Nelson - MSFTGreg Nelson - MSFT Posted on 28/04/14

Microsoft and AOL Partner to Bring Video to MSN and Bing Apps

Today, in partnership with our friends at AOL, I’m happy to announce a content distribution agreement that will bring some of the best video content available from AOL to Microsoft’s video platforms, including MSN, with an audience of nearly 450...
Scott Ferris - MSFTScott Ferris - MSFT Posted on 24/04/14

Teachers for Tomorrow: Recruiting Generation Next

I just got back from speaking at Career Day at my daughter’s middle school where I found myself both impressed by the young students and inspired by their enthusiasm to go out and find their own passion. As one student summed up our discussion:...
Stephen Kim - MSFTStephen Kim - MSFT Posted on 22/04/14

Our Fight Against Fraud

Advertising fraud is a complex and constantly changing problem for our industry. In recent weeks the impact of fraud was highlighted through findings from the IAB, Solve Media and others who confirmed that suspicious traffic from botnets and...
Greg Nelson - MSFTGreg Nelson - MSFT Posted on 22/04/14

New Book Reveals Seven Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Customers Across TVs, Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Market to people, not devices and other lessons learned in new book. It seems like only yesterday that my colleague Kelly Jones and I set out to create a thought-leadership program at Microsoft Advertising to help marketers better understand...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 21/04/14

Microsoft Selected by Emirates for #AllTimeGreats Global Football Ad Campaign

Today, we are announcing some exciting news: Microsoft Advertising has been chosen by Emirates and its media agency Havas Media Group as one of the key partners for their global advertising campaign. The large-scale campaign spans 25 markets and...
Frank Holland - MSFTFrank Holland - MSFT Posted on 15/04/14
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