38% would consider buying Sky Movies after integrated native advertising solution on MSN UK Entertainment

The lights dim, the iconic soundtrack kicks in and we’re glued to our screens to watch the story unfold. We all love a great movie. Sky Movies offer the year's latest releases and biggest box office hits 12 months before online...
Tim Lumb - MSFTTim Lumb - MSFT Posted on 03/08/14

Tor Crockatt, EMEA Product Marketing Director for @BingAds gives @stateofdigital her Friday commentary

Every Friday experts shine a light on the digital industry on State of Digital. Last Friday they invited Tor Crockatt, EMEA Product Marketing Director for Bing Ads to share where we are heading in search. In the article ‘Move over ‘worldwide...
Leena Shah - MSFTLeena Shah - MSFT Posted on 20/07/14

Microsoft Advertising UK & the7stars partner to launch innovative video & content ad solution

Today marks the launch of the very first Ad Controls creative solution in the UK; a rich and engaging video, image and content solution running across the Windows 8 advertising platform. Microsoft and the7stars collaborated with the brand team at...
Jon King - MSFTJon King - MSFT Posted on 13/07/14

What is the opportunity for advertisers with today’s drop in roaming fees? #mobileroaming

According to a study by the European Commission, less than 10 per cent of EU citizens use their mobile phone abroad in the same way they do at home. In an era where the smartphone plays a bigger role in our lives that almost anything else, roaming...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 30/06/14

Our take on #CannesLions with video wrap-ups of the week #msftcannes

We've sadly come to the end of a great week here at Cannes Lions 2014. We're off home soon ( and we're feeling a little delicate this morning) BUT we couldn't go without sharing our funny wrap ups of each day. Enjoy!
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 19/06/14

#CannesLions ‘What informs your creativity?’ Here's what some industry experts think #MSFTCannes

As the industry’s global festival of creativity draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some of what excites only a handful of inspirational people we’ve met this week. When asked, ‘What informs your creativity?’, the answers were pretty...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 19/06/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Thursday #InformedCreativity

We're sadly nearing the end of Cannes Lions 2014 but we like to keep things insightfull so here are our best #FreshCuts for today:
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 19/06/14

Video: The @Lego Movie Producer Dan Lin talks creativity and technology at #CannesLions #MSFTCannes

Today Microsoft brought legendary film and television producer and everyday Microsoft technology user, Dan Lin to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014, for a discussion on how technology and the creative process are evolving together....
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 18/06/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Wednesday #InformedCreativity

We can't believe we're already half way through the week! Before we go off and party with Calvin Harris here are our top Cannes Lions #freshcuts from today: As always you'll find them on @MSAdvertising.
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 18/06/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Tuesday #InformedCreativity

We're nearly at the end of Tuesday so before all the parties kick off so here are our top #FreshCuts (infographics) from today... as always find the latest #FreshCuts via @MSAdvertising
Leena Shah - MSFTLeena Shah - MSFT Posted on 17/06/14
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