#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Monday #InformedCreativity

We're nearly at the end of the day before the sun goes down so we thought we'd share our top #FreshCuts (infographics) from today:
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 16/06/14

Microsoft Brings Multi-screen Storytelling to Life with Activision, Emirates, Ford, Lexus and O2 Telefonica #MSFTCannes #CannesLions

The art of storytelling is as old as time itself; from the founding myths to fairy tales, stories have an innate power to capture our imagination, draw us in, and influence us. All good advertisers instinctively understand this. However, despite...
Stephen Kim - MSFTStephen Kim - MSFT Posted on 15/06/14

#CannesLions : Creatives and their clients talk creativity and what they expect from Cannes 2014 #MSFTCannes

Jieny Kimmerich, Digital Panning Partner and Karin Onsager-Birch, Executive Creative Director at Blue Hive; Jordan NG, Media Supervisor, and Mark Gordon, SVP Group Account Director at Havas Media, Usha Raghavachari, Advertising Manager at Ford...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 14/06/14

Experience #CannesLions LIVE from the Palais des Festivals with our Skype #HoleInTheWorld #MSFTCannes

We know there are lots of you who can't make it to Cannes Lions so we thought we would bring the festival to you, after all, what better way is there to unite the creative minds of the world?! So we dug a #HoleInTheWorld and created this live...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 14/06/14

Creative Battle of the Nordics: And the winner is…. Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and creative genius #MSFTCannes

With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014 just around the corner, what better moment to test the masterminds of innovation stationed in the Northern shores of Europe with the “Creative Battle of the Nordics”. Microsoft...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 12/06/14

Telling Stories Across Screens

It is no secret that consumers are rapidly changing the way they use technology to get things done, consume digital media and connect with loved ones. In fact, U.S. consumers spend, on average, 5-plus hours a day accessing the internet on a...
Greg Nelson - MSFTGreg Nelson - MSFT Posted on 12/06/14

#CannesLions 2014: Taking Inspiration From Music Legends #InformedCreativity

"...if you wanted to chart new territories and head off over the horizon, you had to make sure you weren't overly influenced by what others were doing. So it didn't matter what other bands were doing... we did what we were doing." -Jimmy Page,...
Owen Sagness - MSFTOwen Sagness - MSFT Posted on 12/06/14

Video Blog: #InformedCreativity, Marketing Success and insights from Kathleen Hall, GM Global Advertising at Microsoft #CannesLions #MSFTCannes

A seasoned creative marketing professional from New York, Kathleen is currently responsible for Microsoft’s Global Advertising across its various consumer and commercial brands. Kathleen began her career with Young and Rubicam NY and worked on the...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 10/06/14

Low latency and highly quantifiable data, advertising, and World Cup predictions #informedcreativity #msftcannes

From speaking at Adweek Europe earlier this year, I gave my take on low-latency data, how it applies to my data modelling for sports and political events currently, and how brands can and will be able to use the insights drawn from data of this...
David Rothschild - MSFTDavid Rothschild - MSFT Posted on 10/06/14

#CannesLions 2014: The art and science of storytelling in the digital age #msftcannes

People often ask me what storytelling is – is it like a bedtime story? As much fun as that sounds, unfortunately I’m not paid to read to people while they nod off! Storytelling is the art of substance, structure and purpose; something the crowd...
Steve Clayton MSFTSteve Clayton MSFT Posted on 09/06/14
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