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New Microsoft Study: Simplifying Money Matters for Consumers by Giving Them Control, Clarity and Connection

I’m pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Consumer Decision Journey research: The Consumer Decision Journey: Financial Services. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video detailing the basics of what we discovered by...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 05/03/14

Tipping the Scale

If ever I needed a reminder about what really matters to advertisers, I got it earlier this month at the tech-media-gadget-advertising-palooza otherwise known as CES in Las Vegas. Simply put, in the 30+ meetings Microsoft Advertising held with...
Greg Nelson - MSFTGreg Nelson - MSFT Posted on 22/01/14

Why Brands Should Be Dreaming of a Cross-Screen Christmas

When I was growing up, Christmas was all about one screen: the television set. Some of my favorite holiday memories are sitting around the TV with my family enjoying old classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and eating one too many Christmas...
Frank Holland - MSFTFrank Holland - MSFT Posted on 10/12/13

The Consumers Behind Big Data

Today I’m speaking at ad:tech in the Javitz Center in New York City. I’m delighted to share the stage with so many smart and adept marketers at a time of profound change in our industry. Before I hit the stage, I thought I’d share a quick...
Rick Chavez - MSFTRick Chavez - MSFT Posted on 06/11/13

What advertising ID Means for Developers who use Microsoft Advertising’s 8.1 GA SDK

You might have seen earlier today that our partners in Windows disclosed the advertising ID for Windows 8.1 Store apps, which provides a unique device identifier that can be used to improve the quality, frequency and relevance of advertisements...
Chris Ponath - MSFTChris Ponath - MSFT Posted on 23/10/13

Windows 8.1 Brings New Benefits to Advertisers

Improvements to ads in apps include audience data, better targeting options, consumer experiences and integration with Bing. Last October at Advertising Week, we held a “coming out party” for the advertising opportunities available in Windows 8 –...
Greg Nelson - MSFTGreg Nelson - MSFT Posted on 17/10/13

Introducing “Bing Offers Card-Linked” – the New Generation of Local Deals Experiences

We know how much consumers love to find great deals and save at their favorite local hangouts. To help consumers easily discover, filter and search for the best deals closest to them, we launched Bing Offers across the US, which consolidated local...
Erik Jorgensen - MSFTErik Jorgensen - MSFT Posted on 06/10/13

New Microsoft Study: How Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Future Consumer Trends Today

As we wrap up the 10th Anniversary of Advertising Week in New York, I’m excited to provide an update on our Consumer Decision Journey research. For this installment of our ongoing journey work, we focused on understanding consumer decision-making...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 25/09/13

Millennials Take Center Stage at Advertising Week

Looking at the state of the media business today, one has to marvel at a fundamental and troubling contradiction: we all know that consumers are evolving in rapid and dramatic ways . . . and yet we’re doing a terrible job keeping pace with that...
Stephen Kim - MSFTStephen Kim - MSFT Posted on 24/09/13

Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! Announce Joint Agreement on Programmatic Direct Inventory

Today, at Advertising Week here in New York, we are thrilled to come together with Yahoo! and AOL to announce a joint agreement to use a common set of APIs for programmatic direct digital advertising sales. This announcement declares the...
Daniel Sheinberg - MSFTDaniel Sheinberg - MSFT Posted on 23/09/13
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