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Creative Technologist @squashandfly shares what an API is & why you should care @Mindshare_UK #mshuddle

Do you hear the acronym API thrown around quite a lot and wonder how you can take advantage? At the Mindshare Huddle yesterday I took a pragmatic look at the wonderful world of APIs and what they mean for our industry. We explored social APIs, and...
Arthur TindsleyArthur Tindsley Posted on 11/14/14

Talking the advertising language: what can we learn from industry jargon? #EatAdWaffle

It won’t come as a shock for you to learn that industry jargon confuses us all, despite being used by almost everyone. Many of the words and phrases used on a daily basis are almost impenetrable for people not involved in the industry, so why do...
Stuart Flint - MSFTStuart Flint - MSFT Posted on 09/22/14

Global Creative Solutions and MSN launch Space For Giants – the first philanthropic multinational multi-screen campaign from Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft’s Global Creative Solutions is behind some of the most innovative global advertising campaigns driven across Microsoft’s products and platforms – from MSN to Xbox, Outlook.com and Skype. But over the years, the team has been on the...
David Pugh-Jones - MSFTDavid Pugh-Jones - MSFT Posted on 09/21/14

#CannesLions ‘What informs your creativity?’ Here's what some industry experts think #MSFTCannes

As the industry’s global festival of creativity draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some of what excites only a handful of inspirational people we’ve met this week. When asked, ‘What informs your creativity?’, the answers were pretty...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/19/14

Video: The @Lego Movie Producer Dan Lin talks creativity and technology at #CannesLions #MSFTCannes

Today Microsoft brought legendary film and television producer and everyday Microsoft technology user, Dan Lin to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014, for a discussion on how technology and the creative process are evolving together....
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/18/14

Microsoft Brings Multi-screen Storytelling to Life with Activision, Emirates, Ford, Lexus and O2 Telefonica #MSFTCannes #CannesLions

The art of storytelling is as old as time itself; from the founding myths to fairy tales, stories have an innate power to capture our imagination, draw us in, and influence us. All good advertisers instinctively understand this. However, despite...
Stephen Kim - MSFTStephen Kim - MSFT Posted on 06/15/14

#CannesLions : Creatives and their clients talk creativity and what they expect from Cannes 2014 #MSFTCannes

Jieny Kimmerich, Digital Panning Partner and Karin Onsager-Birch, Executive Creative Director at Blue Hive; Jordan NG, Media Supervisor, and Mark Gordon, SVP Group Account Director at Havas Media, Usha Raghavachari, Advertising Manager at Ford...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/14/14

#CannesLions 2014: Taking Inspiration From Music Legends #InformedCreativity

"...if you wanted to chart new territories and head off over the horizon, you had to make sure you weren't overly influenced by what others were doing. So it didn't matter what other bands were doing... we did what we were doing." -Jimmy Page,...
Owen Sagness - MSFTOwen Sagness - MSFT Posted on 06/12/14

Gulltaggen 2014: There’s a New Currency in Circulation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know there’s a new currency in circulation. It’s invisible, ‘virtual’. Brought to life by the awesome power of technology, you can’t roll it up in your fingers, slip it into...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 04/06/14

Advertising Week Europe: Bridging the Virtual and Physical #AWEurope #AWMSFT

How is Kinect bridging the gap between our virtual and physical worlds? I’ll be revealing the answer in my keynote ‘Beyond Technology: Designing For People’ today at Advertising Week Europe. During the keynote, I’ll explore how the lines between...
Michael Dwan MSFTMichael Dwan MSFT Posted on 03/28/14
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