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Our take on #CannesLions with video wrap-ups of the week #msftcannes

We've sadly come to the end of a great week here at Cannes Lions 2014. We're off home soon ( and we're feeling a little delicate this morning) BUT we couldn't go without sharing our funny wrap ups of each day. Enjoy!
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/19/14

#CannesLions ‘What informs your creativity?’ Here's what some industry experts think #MSFTCannes

As the industry’s global festival of creativity draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some of what excites only a handful of inspirational people we’ve met this week. When asked, ‘What informs your creativity?’, the answers were pretty...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/19/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Thursday #InformedCreativity

We're sadly nearing the end of Cannes Lions 2014 but we like to keep things insightfull so here are our best #FreshCuts for today:
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/19/14

Video: The @Lego Movie Producer Dan Lin talks creativity and technology at #CannesLions #MSFTCannes

Today Microsoft brought legendary film and television producer and everyday Microsoft technology user, Dan Lin to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014, for a discussion on how technology and the creative process are evolving together....
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/18/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Wednesday #InformedCreativity

We can't believe we're already half way through the week! Before we go off and party with Calvin Harris here are our top Cannes Lions #freshcuts from today: As always you'll find them on @MSAdvertising.
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/18/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Tuesday #InformedCreativity

We're nearly at the end of Tuesday so before all the parties kick off so here are our top #FreshCuts (infographics) from today... as always find the latest #FreshCuts via @MSAdvertising
Leena Shah - MSFTLeena Shah - MSFT Posted on 06/17/14

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Monday #InformedCreativity

We're nearly at the end of the day before the sun goes down so we thought we'd share our top #FreshCuts (infographics) from today:
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/16/14

#CannesLions : Creatives and their clients talk creativity and what they expect from Cannes 2014 #MSFTCannes

Jieny Kimmerich, Digital Panning Partner and Karin Onsager-Birch, Executive Creative Director at Blue Hive; Jordan NG, Media Supervisor, and Mark Gordon, SVP Group Account Director at Havas Media, Usha Raghavachari, Advertising Manager at Ford...
MSFTCannesMSFTCannes Posted on 06/14/14

#CannesLions 2014: The art and science of storytelling in the digital age #msftcannes

People often ask me what storytelling is – is it like a bedtime story? As much fun as that sounds, unfortunately I’m not paid to read to people while they nod off! Storytelling is the art of substance, structure and purpose; something the crowd...
Steve Clayton MSFTSteve Clayton MSFT Posted on 06/09/14

Why the #MomentsthatMatter are key for brands in Brazil this summer #canneslions #msftcannes

Even as an Arsenal fan, one of my favourite footballing quotes comes from the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly who once opined; “some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 06/08/14
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