Tyler Young
Posted on 8/19/2014

This past weekend on the outskirts of Monterey Bay, California, some of the country’s most elegant and innovative vehicles descended upon the challenging course of the famous Pebble Beach for the annual Concours d’Elegance, which takes place each August and brings together tens of thousands of the world’s automotive enthusiasts to celebrate the best in automotive innovation and ingenuity.

It was also the location of Infiniti’s Performance Pavilion, which features one of the most innovative on and offline experiential marketing initiatives you’ll see this year.  Check out this video to see how Microsoft and Motor Trend partnered with Infiniti to bring it’s showroom to life combining both traditional and high-technology displays.  

Microsoft powered the onsite activation experience as part of a deal that includes media placements on Microsoft platforms including Windows 8 Ads in Apps, MSN, and Xbox. We built a custom Xbox driving simulator, known as the ‘Kinect Sled’ (show image here)and loaded our popular Forza 5 driving game with the Q50 Eau Rouge so that people could literally test out the car on the world’s most famous racetracks.  Guest were also given the opportunity to test the Infiniti Q50 on site, with Ride & Drives hosted by Motor Trend.

This example of the digital to physical crossover is an important element of multi-faceted campaigns, as consumers become more difficult to reach with the right message at the right time, multiple touch points are key. The platforms and technologies us

"We wanted to focus on performance and technology and we have the right partners to do that.  With Windows 8 and their Ads in Apps platform we actually able to create native advertising where people could and see big beautiful images of the car… how else can you do big bold brand experiences in a digital platform and, I think, Ads in Apps was the perfect way for us to be able to do that.  We're a great brand that not enough people know about and we were able to get people into the cars not only physically, as well as digitally.  That was the number one objective." - Allyson Witherspoon VP Marketing, Infiniti

Through a carefully planned partnership that took over 8 months to execute, both Microsoft and Infiniti created a new following of brand and technology enthusiasts.  

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