Ian Webber
Posted on 8/6/2014

If you’re interested in marketing for automotive brands this blog is for you. I have been working with our Microsoft Advertising UK insights team to provide a mix of original data gleaned from our 14.5 million Bing users database and #freshcuts of 3rd party data.


New car market up 10% in first half of 2014*

According to SMMT News “1,287,265 new cars registered in first six months of the year – a 10.6% rise and the best half-year total since 2005.” (4th July 2014). The Department for Transport** shows exactly this, with the Mar 2014 index breaking back into the pre-recession levels.  The spikes correspond to the car registration months.


Who is searching for a new car these days?***

New car searches are predominantly made by males, aged 50+.  Smartphone searches see a higher proportion of the younger age groups.  Dependant on the age of your audience, there are differences in the best device to advertise to them on. 


#FreshCuts: Automotive Market Share*

This month, #freshcuts looks at which manufacturers are holding market share in 2014, June YTD.  Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen appear in the top 3

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Ian Webber, Microsoft Autos Sales Specialist


* SMMT July 2014 – Microsoft has re-formatted the original data

** Department for Transport https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/vehicles-statistics - Microsoft has re-formatted the original data

*** Microsoft Internal Data, June 2014

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