Matthew Margetts
Posted on 8/5/2014

At Microsoft we have a wealth of data and insights and part of my role is to help the finance industry plan their marketing campaigns effectively by surfacing these unique insights and package them up along with industry 3rd party data. This month I have been looking at life insurance offering insights into the consumer and looking at web aggregators.


Life Insurance: An insight into the consumer*

They are predominantly searching on their desktop closely followed by Mobile and Tablet. Both of which, follow similar trends in volume when compared to desktop queries.  Search queries for Life Insurance Terms spike during Monday-Weds and tail off dramatically at the weekends.


A profile of the life insurance searcher*

On tablets, 27% of searchers are male versus just 19% on mobile, the mobile audience skews heavily towards 35-49 year olds, with just under half of searchers falling into this age group. Online campaigns should be integrated across all screens to ensure you are capturing all potential customers


Changing times for web aggregators**

Financial services firms are starting to be more active in rewarding customer loyalty. Aggregators can look at how they reward customers purchasing several products, or allow customers to build a bundle of products to match what they can receive from direct providers. Click here for more. 



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Matthew Margetts: Client Services Director - Finance, Microsoft UK


* Microsoft Internal Data, June 2014

**Mintel: Web Aggregators in Financial Services - UK - June 2014

*** GB TGI Clickstream 2014 Q1

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