Tim Lumb
Posted on 8/3/2014

The lights dim, the iconic soundtrack kicks in and we’re glued to our screens to watch the story unfold. We all love a great movie.     


Sky Movies offer the year's latest releases and biggest box office hits 12 months before online subscription services and hundreds of movies on demand.


Wanting to target film enthusiasts to drive awareness and create demand for the exciting features that make Sky Movies the centre of great film entertainment, BskyB and their media agency Mediacom partnered with Microsoft to engage with 600,000+* movie fans who visit MSN Movies each month.


Sky Movies co-created relevant and original content for the partnership. As well as great content, an enticing Sky Movies ad-creative was deployed to engage film fans with questions such as “What was the last movie that made your heart beat faster?” The creative combined great movie clips with a slider that users could interact with.


This was set within original and relevant MSN Movie content specifically aligned with the Sky Movies editorial and key promotional calendar. By partnering with MSN Movies, Sky Movies created a useful and integrated native advertising solution. 

Key Results:

  • 28.5 million Impressions, delivering 2.4 million unique users during the partnership..
  • Average dwell time of 2.25 minutes (benchmark = 2minutes).
  • 61% of respondents agreed the campaign “grabs attention.”
  • 38% of respondents said they would “consider buying
  • Favourability towards Sky Movies increased 16% after exposure to the advertising
  • 54% agreed the partnership “provided information” and 49% said “it tells me something new.” There was a 30% lift in brand engagement activity between users exposed to the partnership versus those unexposed.** Females and 18-24 year olds showed large uplifts in brand activity post exposure.**

  • 58% stated “the article(s) work well with the theme of the partnership.”


“A best in class example of a content partnership – achieving true editorial integration between MSN Movies and Sky Movies that delivered both real value for the MSN user whilst also exceeding all of Sky Movies’ KPI’s.” Natalie Davis, Head of Brand Partnerships, Microsoft

“As part of a comprehensive multi-channel media strategy, MSN provided a natural and engaging platform to promote Sky Movies’ unbeatable range of films to a movie-loving audience.” Kathryn Green, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, BskyB 

Sources: Effectiveness research by Kantar Media, *UKOM May 2014, **Microsoft Internal Research

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