Jon King
Posted on 7/13/2014

Today marks the launch of the very first Ad Controls creative solution in the UK; a rich and engaging video, image and content solution running across the Windows 8 advertising platform.

Microsoft and the7stars collaborated with the brand team at Nominet to find the best way to amplify the launch of the new .uk domain through a high-impact creative solution that could be easily scaled across PC & tablet users.

Focussed around the concept of ‘Shorter is Sweeter’ the final ad execution seamlessly combines video, imagery and editorial content to engage and educate consumers on some of the most commonly used abbreviations that have become engrained into everyday language.

Gabi Sillars, Digital Account Director at the7stars had the following to say about the campaign  “When planning this launch campaign we were focused on reaching digital natives to drive awareness and understanding of the new .uk domain and the clear benefits of having .uk as part of their online identity. Advertising on Windows 8 Ads in Apps has enabled us to reach this audience at scale, utilising a creative, content-driven and highly engaging ad execution that will effectively deliver the campaign messaging.”

The campaign is running from 14th July through to the 11th August, see below for a video of the ad in action:


Jon King, Solutions Strategy Lead (Windows 8 & Xbox Advertising)

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