Jamie Nathan
Posted on 4/3/2014

What a week! Advertising Week Europe was a 4 day whirlwind of intense debate, keynotes and social networking, ending with the wrap party of all wrap parties!

During Advertising Week Europe the Microsoft Advertising UK research team produced a series of insightful infographics in real time, based on the hot topic of the moment.  This proved to be very popular, here is just a taster of the positive coverage we received:   

So, how did we do it?  For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Bing Ads Intelligence tool, it’s an add-in for Excel that we have created internally.  The tool allows us to track search queries made over the Yahoo! Bing Network.  You can cut the data by age, gender, location and even device used!  The Adweek agenda provided the insights team with a great opportunity to showcase this tool and it's so convenient to use that insights could be created right there and then whilst the sessions were going on.

In case you missed any of the infographics here they are:

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Jamie Nathan, Senior Research Manager, Advertising & Online UK, Microsoft.

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