Chris Ponath
Posted on 4/2/2014

The Build conference is an exciting time when we invite thousands of developers to learn more about opportunities across Microsoft’s platforms. As part of the event, I am delighted to share details around what we’re releasing to help developers better monetize their Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, including:

  • New Advertising SDK for Windows 8.1
  • 3 New Advertising SDKs for Windows Phone
  • A New, modernized pubCenter
  • A New Program to promote your Windows Phone app!


Take advantage of Microsoft’s new advertising SDK for Windows 8.1

The new Ad SDK for Windows 8.1 is designed to improve ad-funded monetization for app developers:

  • The new SDK will unlock advertiser demand by enabling 3rd party ad serving (i.e., ads served by mobile rich media ad servers vs. ad served by Microsoft), aligning with MRAID v1.0 mobile rich media ad industry standards, and connecting to the Microsoft Ad Exchange
  • Over the next few months, as more developers adopt the new ad SDK and we reach critical mass of inventory on the new ad SDK to offer to advertisers, we expect that fill rates will increase
  • The new Ad SDK, available as an update in Visual Studio 2013, is quick and easy to install


If you have not yet built a Windows 8.1 version of your app, now is a great time to do so to take advantage of the monetization enhancements offered in the new 8.1 ad SDK. App upgrades are automatic for 8.1 users, which means one less hurdle to reap the benefits of the 8.1 ad SDK. Building for Windows 8.1 makes it easier to take advantage of the new VS functionality that allows you to build a universal app across Windows and Windows Phone (link for additional information).

Take advantage of Microsoft’s new Advertising SDKs for Windows Phone

We also have three new ad SDKs for Windows Phone: one for Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 Silverlight and one for Windows Phone 8.1 XAML:

  • The ad SDKs are built with the goal of enhancing monetization for developers by aligning to MRAID v1.0 mobile rich media ad industry standards and enabling rich media (interactive advertising) within mobile ads
  • Over the next few months, as more developers adopt the new ad SDKs, we expect that fill rates will increase
  • As with the other SDKs, the Windows Phone SDKs are easy to install


Summary of new Ad SDKs available today

Windows Windows Phone
Version Win 8.1 WP 8.0 Silverlight WP 8.1 Silverlight WP 8.1 XAML
Version # 8.1.40402.2 6.2.40501.0 8.1.40502.0 8.1.40505.0
Silverlight UI
Silverlight UI
Where can I find
the Ad SDK?
Visual Studio 2013
Download on MSDN Download on MSDN Within
Visual Studio
2013 Update 2
What action do I need to take? Recompile and republish to Store Recompile and republish to Store Recompile and republish to Store Recompile and republish to Store


Check out the new pubCenter!

We are delighted to unveil a completely redesigned Microsoft pubCenter, the advertising hub for app developers on Windows and Windows Phone. PubCenter has been completely overhauled, giving way to a clean and modern design based on feedback from developers. Highlights of the new pubCenter include:

  • Simplified Sign-in/Sign-up experience
  • Fast and fluid UI for more efficient task completion
  • Updated contextual help content
  • Improved reporting for actionable insights
  • Comprehensive dashboard to review key info



Promote your Windows Phone app!

Many developers have been asking for the ability to promote their app with Microsoft Advertising. We have listened and are excited to begin to offer a new promotional program for Windows Phone developers in the US. Program highlights:

  • Easy booking in pubCenter
  • Ads are created automatically, leveraging assets you have already submitted to Windows Phone Store
  • Campaigns will run on thousands of apps in the US App Network for Windows Phone
  • Low campaign minimum at just $10. Maximum campaign spend of $100. (To buy more than $100 per month, create multiple campaigns)
  • You can enter a budget and pubCenter will calculate impressions (CPM pricing only at this time)
  • Our automated reporting lets you monitor campaign progress by reviewing daily impressions and clicks


For more information, check out the “Ad Campaigns” section of the help page.

We look forward to expanding app promotion capabilities on Windows Phone and extending these capabilities to the Windows 8 platform as well as adding new geographies over time. Stay tuned to our blog for future product announcements!

Learn More on Channel 9

Want to lean more about the topics above? Watch our video on Channel 9!

Thank you for your continued partnership!

I hope that the tools announced today improve your experience on our platforms. I look forward to your ideas and feedback on how to evolve. Please send your questions or comments to Global Publisher Support and Forums.

Chris Ponath

Note: This blog was updated on May 12th with new version numbers for the ad SDKs.  In addition, we have added the Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight SDK to the summary table, and have updated the Windows Phone 8.1 XAML SDK from the RC version to the RTM version.


Also, previously the blog stated that the ability to promote your app was available only to those with a US credit card; this statement was deleted as credit cards from around the world are now accepted.



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