Nigel Ashton
Posted on 3/14/2014

Here’s an incredible consumer packaged goods campaign close to my heart that I wanted to share with you. It showcases how brands like Unilever can get highly targeted awareness and engagement at scale across the Microsoft portfolio including MSN, Windows 8, Xbox, Skype and Mobile.

Have a read of the study below or why not watch our short case study show reel:

Persil Small & Mighty Microsoft Advertising UK Multiscreen Case Study



Unilever and Mindshare set Microsoft a challenge - Build a multiscreen marketing solution across the Microsoft eco-system of products, and create a successful media formula that could become both scalable and repeatable in the future.



Phase 1: Awareness at scale with integrated display ads and takeovers across MSN, Windows 8, Xbox, Skype and Mobile.

Phase 2: Engagement at scale with Persil branded editorial and Persil e-books hosted on the Microsoft MSN, Xbox and Mobile platforms.



Performance: Topped UK benchmark for targeted impressions by 27%

Engagement: 140K UU views of the MSN Persil branded editorial. 20K+ UU creating their own Persil e-books. Users spent an average of 2.5 minutes with the content

Behaviour: Users exposed to the campaign 3x more likely to visit a Persil URL. Almost four times more likely to visit the ‘Be Mighty’ landing page and almost one-and-a-half times more likely to conduct a branded keyword search.


For more download the full Persil Small & Mighty case study

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Nigel Ashton. Vertical Lead – Retail and FMCG, Microsoft Advertising UK. 

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