Lovina McMurchy
Posted on 3/12/2014

Two years ago, we launched our first ad unit in Skype. We have made significant progress expanding our reach and improving our capabilities for marketers while ensuring we maintain a great consumer experience across our various clients and apps. We have introduced ad units in Skype for Windows 8, added placements in Skype for Android, doubled our mobile inventory, significantly enhanced our targeting capabilities across both mobile and desktop offerings, and even expanded our rich media offerings. With our ever increasing capabilities, it’s no surprise that global brands such as Procter & Gamble and Nissan have trusted Skype to reach their consumers in an environment that is personal, premium, and brand safe.

Today, we’re proud to announce a new milestone: the launch of a brand new ad unit, Connection Hub ad, which increases the scale of our Skype for Windows desktop offering to advertisers five-fold. This new ad unit is placed in the “grand central” of the Skype for Windows desktop client – The Connection Hub. The Connection Hub in Skype is the central starting point for all Skype user engagement. Voice calls, video calls, chat and messaging activity all originate from Skype’s Connection Hub.

As many as 2 billion minutes are spent each day on Skype by our deeply engaged user base, and a large portion of user engagement happens on the connection hub screen. 300 million monthly connected users world wide rely on Skype for chat generating over 1 billion instant messaging sessions every month. The Connection Hub ad unit is our first step towards offering advertisers presence in this meaningful aspect of the Skype experience. This unit allows advertisers to tap into not only voice and video but the all important and growing user activity.

Connection Hub ad units, available now in 73 markets, are a unique and compelling opportunity to connect with over 300 million monthly connected users with relevant content across PCs, TVs, tablets and mobile devices either before they initiate an audio or video call or while they are in a chat session. Connection Hub ads are on track to provide marketers with more scale than ever before with 20+ billion additional impressions expected per month.

The new Connection Hub rich media ads use our improved targeting capabilities such as demographic, geographic, and behavioral information to provide our users with the most relevant content from advertisers. And of course, we’ve done all this while maintaining our reliability, trustworthiness, and ease-of-use in the eyes of our Skype audience.

We piloted the Skype Connection Hub ad units in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey. And of course, as with any new ad unit, we’re continuing to monitor the user experience closely to ensure we maintain our commitment to quality for both consumers and advertisers in every market.

Marketers interested in learning more about Skype’s Connection Hub ads should talk with their account executive or visit http://advertising.microsoft.com/skype.

Lovina McMurchy, GM Skype Advertising

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