Leena Shah
Posted on 1/15/2014

Our aim here on the Microsoft Advertising community team is simple, to keep you informed of the latest marketing and digital developments, through our blogs and activity through various social media sites, ultimately to give you the insight that will help you reach your online marketing goals.

As we begin 2014 it’s time for looking back at all that we’ve accomplished in 2013 and all that we hope to accomplish in the year that lies ahead. In the spirit of starting 2014 we've cleaned out some of the clutter and moved from our previous home on the Microsoft Advertising Community site here to the main Microsoft Advertising site, giving you a one-stop shop for everything from research, to product information through to case studies.

We hope it’s an easier experience and we look forward to sharing with you over 2014.

As a quick reminder here are a list of our Microsoft Advertising sites:

  • US: http://advertising.microsoft.com/en-us 
  • UK: http://advertising.microsoft.com/en-uk
  • Canada: http://advertising.microsoft.com/en-ca

Please do let us know if you have any feedback. 

Leena and the Microsoft Advertising community team.

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