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Captured @ Cannes – Day One

And it’s begun – day one of Cannes Lions is done and dusted! But what got everyone talking? Which inspiring sessions or creative content had social media buzzing? Each day, for the duration of Cannes, we’ll be capturing the tweets, talks and general ...

Streaming Media East Conference: The Future of Branded Content

It’s a big world wide web, somebody’s got to fill it. That, in a nutshell, was the topic of a panel that Greg Rivera, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Advertising Solutions, appeared on during the Streaming Media East Conference in New York City on May...

Announcing Bing Ads for iOS

We live in a multi-device world, and we want to provide advertisers and their campaign managers the best experience wherever they go, whenever they need it. Thus it is my great pleasure to announce Bing Ads for iOS. With Bing Ads for iOS, users ...
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