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Our take on #CannesLions with video wrap-ups of the week #msftcannes

We've sadly come to the end of a great week here at Cannes Lions 2014. We're off home soon ( and we're feeling a little delicate this morning) BUT we couldn't go without sharing our funny wrap ups of each day. Enjoy!

#CannesLions ‘What informs your creativity?’ Here's what some industry experts think #MSFTCannes

As the industry’s global festival of creativity draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some of what excites only a handful of inspirational people we’ve met this week. When asked, ‘What informs your creativity?’, the answers were pretty...

#CannesLions: Our top #MSFTCannes #FreshCuts (infographics) from Thursday #InformedCreativity

We're sadly nearing the end of Cannes Lions 2014 but we like to keep things insightfull so here are our best #FreshCuts for today:
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