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Microsoft, MEC, Paramount Pictures and Skydance launch first ever Xbox multi-tile campaign for Terminator Genisys

Here at Microsoft we always look at offering consumers a truly immersive creative experience and making those experiences seamless across multiple platforms by leveraging our technical and creative expertise. It’s at the heart of one of our la...

.@SMG_London launch exclusive interactive Xbox experience between Honda and Microsoft Advertising UK

We love making campaigns where brands and consumers really benefit from engagement on our advertising platforms. Xbox is a really interesting canvas for creativity and I’m excited to announce, in a media first, Honda is taking over #XboxUpload to...

Talking the advertising language: what can we learn from industry jargon? #EatAdWaffle

It won’t come as a shock for you to learn that industry jargon confuses us all, despite being used by almost everyone. Many of the words and phrases used on a daily basis are almost impenetrable for people not involved in the industry, so why do...
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