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FMCG brands turn to the Power of One to build better saliency with consumers

The Brand Relationship Spectrum In 2000, academic Professor David Aaker and co-author Erich Joachimsthaler published ‘The Brand Relationship Spectrum’ in the California Management Review and in doing so, caused FMCG businesses to begin rethinking ho...

2014 UK #Retail #Christmas #Trends by our head of retail @NigelRetail

Last year I predicted 2014 would be a year of increasing personalisation, importance of a multi-channel strategy and more story led marketing. To a large extent we saw some of the trends play out throughout the year, especially at Christmas...

Microsoft Advertising UK Retail Industry Insights: September 2014

If you are a retailer or represent a retail brand this blog is for you. This month I've been working with our Microsoft Advertising UK insights team, using our extensive data to enable brands to make sense of what is undoubtedly the most...
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