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Our #AWEurope Thursday wrap - 5 key lessons and our latest infographics #OwnTheMoment #FreshCuts

Our final #AWEurope daily wrap featuring five lessons we’ve learnt on Thursday. Ad Week Europe has flown by, we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. The final day got us thinking about standing out from the crowd, resetting our creative...

A Story is Worth a Thousand Ads: @DocJamesw shows #AWEurope how to tell effective advertising stories in today’s world #OwnTheMoment

Change is coming. Technology is making advertising harder. As the Internet of Things tips the balance toward machine generated and consumed data, marketers have fewer opportunities to reinforce their brand message with actual humans. This means...

Our #AWEurope Wednesday wrap - key insights and trends #OwnTheMoment #FreshCuts

Yesterday we heard about the role of humour in marketing, the power of people-focused marketing and the importance of future-focused skills. Focus on up skilling for the future Andy Hart, Vice President of Microsoft Advertising and Online...
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