Screenshot of Banner ad format
The banner has long been a staple in online advertising due to its visibility and versatility, as well as its ease of production and integration. Banners can be run at a range of sizes, and above-the-fold positioning of most banners on MSN and Skype provide exceptional visibility. Banners can be used stand-alone, paired with other ad standard ad units, or used in conjunction with rich media to expand the creative space. Approved third-party rich media providers include Point.Roll, Unicast, Eyeblaster, and DoubleClick Motif.

Creative specs

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PropertyAd typeDimensionsCreative specs
MSN AutosBanner320x50
MSN AutosBanner728x90
MSN EntertainmentBanner320x50
MSN EntertainmentBanner728x90
MSN Food & DrinkBanner320x50
MSN Food & DrinkBanner728x90
MSN Health & FitnessBanner320x50
MSN Health & FitnessBanner728x90
MSN HomepageBanner320x50
MSN HomepageBanner728x90
MSN MoneyBanner320x50
MSN MoneyBanner728x90
MSN NewsBanner320x50
MSN NewsBanner728x90
MSN SportsBanner320x50
MSN SportsBanner728x90
MSN TravelBanner320x50
MSN TravelBanner728x90
MSN WeatherBanner320x50
MSN WeatherBanner728x90
Windows 8Banner300x50
Windows 8Banner320x50
Windows 8Banner400x50
Windows 8Banner480x80
Windows 8Banner640x100
Windows 8Banner728x90
All creative specs listed are provided as PDF