Beyond first impressions
This deeply fragmented audience requires an advertising partner who can help you land your message across any digital screen.
Look beyond dated stereotypes to engage Men
Advertising to Men used to be as simple as buying media during the big game. Even though sporting events still attract large audiences, Men’s interests have broadened. They’re more involved with the family, visiting parenting websites and researching products for the household. Men go online to stay connected with friends and keep current with news. They’re spending less time with traditional broadcast media, and more time gaming, watching online videos, and consuming content through their mobile devices.

There are nearly 110 million Men online.1 This deeply fragmented audience requires an advertising partner who can help you land your message across any digital screen.

More about Men:
  • Men research products online, call friends and check reviews on their smartphones when in-store.2
  • 50 percent of Men are influenced by digital ads and 44 percent are influenced by online search results.3
  • Men go online to research traditionally male categories such as auto and tech, but they also do significant research in more traditionally female categories like health/wellness and food/cooking.2
  • In the Dads sub-segment, 70 percent say they are the parent who does the grocery shopping and makes the household purchase decisions.3
  • 59 percent of Dads say they use 4 or more sources of information to help them make purchase decisions, compared with 44 percent of Moms.4

Choose a strong partner
If you’re looking to target Men, Microsoft Advertising can help you identify the right audience within the general Men target, develop a strong set of messages and experiences, and engage them where they go. Microsoft Advertising gives you broad reach across screens to connect with Men throughout the consumer journey, from awareness to action.

  • Xbox and Xbox LIVE – Everyone games. More than 4 out of 5 male adults ages 18 to 29 said they played video games, while 23 percent of respondents 65+ said the same.5 Reach more Men than ever with innovative experiences from Xbox and Xbox LIVE .
  • Skype – Nearly 4 out of 10 Young Dads and Pre-Family Men communicate with others on their game systems or through internet video calling. Of this audience, 72 percent use Skype as their primary internet video calling service.3
  • Targeting Solutions – From Remessaging to Behavioral, Profile, Category and Custom targeting, our targeting solutions can help connect you with the right audience for your marketing goals.

For more great audience insight, download our Pre-Family Man and Young Dads research.

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