Premium real-time bidding
We're a premium exchange with high-quality inventory to help you reach your audiences across Microsoft properties.

There’s never been a richer, broader, or more creative way to tell your brand’s story than through digital advertising, and the Microsoft Advertising Exchange gives you greater choice and efficiency. Microsoft Advertising Exchange is an automated, real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace where you can access brand-safe inventory on an impression basis. Your ability to set your price and target audience give you increased control to meet your advertising goals. And if you’re looking to engage audiences with expandable rich media, our premium marketplace supports these opportunities as well. The Microsoft Advertising Exchange gives you:


  • Quality Scale: Through our premium exchange you are able to access high-quality inventory with greater transparency to help you reach your audiences across Microsoft properties including MSN, Skype,, Windows Phone, and Windows Ads in Apps in addition to other top global and local publishers. Find your target audience with inventory that spans phone, PC, and tablet.
  • Targeting, Your Way: Create infinite target segments with your own data or third-party data and insights. Scale as broadly or narrowly as your campaign strategy requires.
  • Increased Performance: Real-time bidding allows you to evaluate the worth of each impression, bid on what you want, and optimize immediately. Microsoft Advertising Exchange gives you the power to buy more of what works and less of what doesn’t. And automated buying reduces manual processes, making your campaigns more efficient.


You can work with agency trading desks, networks, and demand-side platforms to buy on the Microsoft Advertising Exchange. For more information or to get started, reach out to your account team or contact a sales representative today.