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Outlook.com combines the best of Outlook, Hotmail, and Skype to offer a fresh, clutter-free environment for communicating with family, friends, and colleagues. Keeping up with email is a snap, thanks to Outlook.com’s clean design and a fluid interface that lets people easily share files, photos, and more.


Outlook.com ad experiences are designed with both advertisers and consumers in mind. Located on the right side of users’ email, both versaTiles and the Skyscraper are fully integrated into the user experience.


versaTiles is a clean, tiled ad experience that allows for video and engaging image fly-outs, while Skyscraper is a 160x600 standard ad, giving you a large visual footprint to deliver your message.


See the dynamic and integrated experiences of versaTiles

See the dynamic and integrated experiences of versaTiles


Why Outlook.com?


Broad, trusted reach. Advertising on Outlook.com offers you the opportunity to reach a broad audience in a trusted environment.


High-impact contrast. Whether you choose versaTiles or Skyscraper, ads on Outlook.com stand out against its clean design.


You’ve got options. With two visual ad experiences to choose from, Outlook.com allows you to be creative in the way most convenient to you.


Exclusivity. Because there is only one advertiser per page on Outlook.com, your ad doesn’t have to compete for attention.



Reach consumers where they’re sparking conversations. Contact us to learn more about advertising on Outlook.com.

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