Campaigns that propel brands


Toyota’s new brand campaign “Let’s Go Places” speaks to the evolution and forward-looking view of the brand, leading with innovation. To bring this branding initiative to life, Toyota looked to Microsoft Advertising to connect with consumers in an innovative way and help showcase their forward-thinking 2013 lineup.


Toyota worked with Microsoft Advertising’s Yarn team to create a high impact click-to-video experience in the Skype for Windows 8 app. The uncluttered ad experience and broad reach of Skype for Windows 8 was a perfect fit for Toyota to help drive a powerful emotional connection with consumers around this brand story.

Upon swiping/clicking the 300x250 static anchor ad, consumers were invited along for the ride in an immersive, full-screen video experience where they could explore Toyota’s focus on innovation, directly through the lens of their 2013 vehicles.


Toyota experienced a halo effect from advertising on Windows 8, receiving positive brand impression and lift in purchase consideration. Positive consumer perceptions of the Windows 8 platform also transferred directly to the Toyota brand, notably: “stylish”, “attractive” and “innovative.”


  • 84 percent recalled the “Let’s Go Places” tagline after exposure to the ad experience
  • 43 percent increase in would “definitely consider” Toyota for their next purchase after seeing the ad-in-app
  • 4 in 5 indicated the ad fits within the Windows 8 environment