Reaching "always-on" consumers

About the study

Millennials, a purchasing powerhouse, are never far from their screens. This 18-34 year old audience is known for being digitally savvy but did you know that they still prefer brick and mortar vs. online shopping? Or that the PC is the most common device with TV?


Our new research report uncovers the curious multi-screen behavior pathways of the millennial audience and the consumer-centric model that explores how digital advertising is disrupting the traditional purchasing funnel.


Key takeaways

As the first “always-on” generation, millennials have earned the reputation for being digitally savvy. Though millennials have adopted smartphones and tablets at a higher rate than the general public, far more of them own PCs and see PCs as being more difficult to give up. And while they are quite comfortable researching and shopping online, don’t overlook their offline buying power and their ability to be very brand loyal.


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