Campaigns that score


Sportmaster, Russia's largest sporting goods retailer and wholesaler, wanted to build awareness of the stores, its in-store promotions, and the recent launch of new product lines with the ultimate goal of stimulating purchases.


Over a two month period Sportmaster ran their advertising campaign on Skype. Sportmaster utilized two different Skype ads for the campaign: the Homepage ad and the Conversation ad which appears during a Skype call. Sportmaster selected these ads in order to drive maximum reach in support of their campaign goals.


The broad reach and unique advertising platform of Skype delivered strong results which provided lifts on all brand metrics and attributes measured. The test group significantly outperformed the control group on several key measures including brand awareness, brand favorability, intent to purchase and intent to recommend.

  • Those who recall seeing the campaign were 27 percent more likely to recommend Sportmaster to their friends and family than those who did not recall the ad (control group).
  • The test group was also 11 percent more likely than the control group to rate Sportmaster as either excellent or very good.
  • When asked “whether Sportmaster stores offered high quality equipment at affordable prices”, the test group was 31 percent more likely than the control group to agree or strongly agree with that statement.
  • Thirty-five percent of the test group reported they went or intend to go online to find more information on Sportmaster.