Industry News, 10/26/12

Get ready to experience a new window of opportunity for your brand message with Windows 8 in-app advertising, now available globally.

The Windows 8 in-app advertising experience delivers deeply engaging and fluid experiences that are beautiful, relevant and useful. Bringing your brand messages to the world is simple, consistent, and connected across mobile, tablet, PC and Xbox— and brought to life through voice, touch, gesture or click for freestyle agility. It’s another powerful way to bring consumers even closer to premium content and services like MSN, Bing, Xbox Music, Outlook email, Skype, and OneDrive, creating opportunities for deep brand connections. In-app advertising with Windows 8 offer a unique creative canvas for advertisers to drive meaningful consumer engagement, where messages are a seamless part of the user experience, rather than an interruption.

And for Developers, Windows 8 Ads in Apps and the Windows Store give you big opportunities and compelling design, development, and monetization dynamics.

The wide range of opportunities within Windows 8 Ads in Apps help you deliver the right message, to the right audience, in the right environment.

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