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Posted on 23/03/14

In just seven days the world’s best and brightest minds in advertising will congregate in London for Advertising Week Europe.  

At Microsoft we’re proud to be a key partner of Advertising Week and have been working to produce a wide range of seminars, speakers and special events, offering some great insight and points of discussion that will ultimately help shape and influence the global advertising industry.

Here’s a summary of what’s to come from Microsoft Advertising – we hope you can join us if you’ll be at Advertising Week, alternatively follow us on our community site and twitter for the latest updates: 


Tue 01/04 11:30 AM  -  The ITV Stage at Princess Anne

David Rothschild Economist, MICROSOFT RESEARCH

People increasingly consume live events with second screens distracting them; in the near future this attention will be captured by the broadcaster. The broadcaster will display information, derived from new data analytics (econometrics and machine learning) on new data streams (social media, online, fundamentals, etc.,) with the goal of increasing interaction (predictions or providing displays of support). This raw information is processed and fed back to the broadcast leading to more information and then interaction.

And, of course, all this takes an innovative backend (the data and analytics makes it accurate, but low latency makes it possible to be “part of the broadcast”) and innovative front-end design (it has to all mesh to provide a cutting edge user experience). Information leads to interaction, which leads to information, and it is all greased by innovation; watching sports is going to be whole new ballgame soon! Will conclude by showing you how this technology will completely disrupt everything about market intelligence.



Tue 01/04 12:45 PM  -  Channel 6 Stage @ the #AWEurope Underground      

Colin Byrne Chief Executive Officer, UK & EMEA, WEBER SHANDWICK

Richard Harper Principal Researcher in Socio-Digital Systems, Microsoft Research, MICROSOFT

Heather Mitchell, UNILEVER

Bhavneet Singh President and Chief Executive Officer, PEARSON ENGLISH 

The Digital Revolution has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. To connect with today and tomorrow's Digital Age, consumers and marketers need to become fluent in a new language of engagement. Join this lively panel discussion, hosted by Colin Byrne, CEO, Weber Shandwick, UK & EMEA, with leading professionals from Microsoft Research, Pearson English and the media world, as they outline the ten new visual and verbal golden rules of engagement, which can help marketers stay ahead of the curve.     



Wed 02/04 11:30 AM  -  The ITV Stage at Princess Anne

Kathleen Hall, General Manager, Global Advertising, Microsoft

Kathleen will speak to lessons learned from over 30 years in the Advertising business—drawing from her unique experiences in the industry and sharing, in her words, “Things I Wish I’d Known Then.”

In her talk at AdWeek Europe 2014, Kathleen will take us through her journey and reveal the real-world anecdotes and insights she’s learned behind building successful campaigns, blue-chip brands, and  the world of advertising including: why bigger isn’t always better, why relationships matter, and why not chasing the “new” is one of her driving principles.   



Wed 02/04 5:30 PM  -  The ITV Stage at Princess Anne

Steve Henry

David Droga Founder & Creative Chairman, DROGA5

Sir John Hegarty Founder, BARTLE BOGLE HEGARTY

Dave Trott Chairman, THE GATE    

In partnership with MICROSOFT

While the industry continues to move in fast-forward, the trait that defines great work is timeless: bravery. At this iconic event, The AD Club of NYC/International ANDY Awards will reflect on their history and invite the industry to attend a speech on this topic. Headlined by David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman, Droga5 and notable brave speakers like Sir John Hegarty, Steve Henry and Dave Trott. The evening will focus on the importance of being brave both within and outside our industry

Here’s the twist: in addition to confirmed speakers, select audience members will be called to the stage at random to deliver an impromptu talk about bravery. Join us as we inspire our industry to step outside of its comfort zones, take risks and achieve greatness.





Mon 31/03 10:30 AM  -  News Room Studio A

Nigel Clarkson Commercial Director, WEVE

Paul Davies Director of Marketing Communications, MICROSOFT

Paul Frampton CEO, HAVIS MEDIA

Stewart Easterbrook Executive Director of Performance and Digital Development Europe, STARCOM MEDIAVEST EUROPE

Sue Unerman Chief Executive Officer, MEDIACOM    

Mobile is the ubiquitous channel that stays within arm’s reach as consumers go through their media day. Whether it’s a 1st or second screen, it’s clear that mobile can multiply and extend reach of marketing plans. Are agencies and clients maximising the value of the mobile device, understanding the value of an always on channel and who is doing it well already? Join us for a session of industry leaders to discuss the role of mobile in the traditional media mix.     



Mon 31/03 2:45 PM  -  News Room Studio A

Michael Dwan Senior Director, MICROSOFT

As we look at what’s ahead for tech leaders, it’s clear that we’ll need more than good ideas, products and experiences to stay at the forefront. If we want to continue to transform how people look at the world, simplifying complexities and tapping into genuine human desires will be core to how we drive tomorrow’s big ideas. Join Michael Dwan from Microsoft, as he shares next-generation concepts, creatively bringing people what they want, and in turn, opening up dynamic ways for marketers to connect with audiences.

As technologists, it’s clear we will need more than good products to win. If we want to transform how people look at the world, tapping human desires will be core to tomorrow’s big ideas. Alexander Graham Bell once said “the day would come when the man at the telephone would be able to see the person to whom he was speaking.” And now, technology like Skype, brings face-to-face conversations to everyone, everywhere. Join Michael Dwan from Microsoft, as he shares a few of Microsoft’s next-generation concepts, creatively bringing people what they want, and in turn, opening up dynamic ways for marketers to connect with audiences



Thu 03/04 09:00 AM  -  News Room Studio A

Alan Hunter Head of Digital, THE TIMES AND SUNDAY TIMES

Megan Harris Business Director, RAZORFISH

Ben Richards Creative Lead EMEA, MICROSOFT

Ian Wharton Creative Director, AKQA

Adam "Sven" Williams MD - UK & Benelux, SPOTIFY    

GenerationNext leaders on inciting change, growing share and the emergence of technology as a key business decision driver.     





Wed 02/04 7:00 PM  -  BAFTA 195 Piccadilly (By Invitation Only)

In partnership with MICROSOFT

As the ANDYs mark their 50th anniversary they are celebrating this milestone with a retrospective, while ushering in the future with the 2014 Bravery Awards. David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman, Droga5 and fellow 2014 jury members will unveil the Bravery Award winners for the first time and discuss the work that in their collective opinion is the boldest use of innovation, work for the greater good, and brand from the 2014 winners.

They’ll also share an example of the standout work from the past 50 years. All 2014 ANDY winners will receive their awards at The Show & Party in NYC on Thursday, April 24th. Please visit www.andyawards for more information.



Thu 03/04 7:30 PM  -  KOKO (By invitation and super delegates)

In partnership with MICROSOFT

The closing night bash of the week!

It's going to be a great week! Thanks for reading.


Donna Hindson, Marketing Director, Microsoft Advertising UK

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