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Posted on 05/02/14

Mondelēz International will launch their new Carte Noire Fire & Ice campaign for their coffee capsule range starting 7 February.  The group chose to work with Microsoft for both the campaign’s concept and its deployment.

With the goal of reaching the connected and mobile 25-34 year-old age group and affirming themselves in the coffee capsule on-demand business, the collaboration between Mondelēz International and Microsoft created an augmented reality experience for users of MSN, Xbox and Skype. 

"With the capsule market segment, we wished to give a new and distinctly modern injection to the strength of our Carte Noire brand image, particularly with younger audiences. Microsoft enabled us to create a unique offering, never before produced for a brand: the game that technically adapts to each screen – TV, tablet, mobile – and allows each and every one of its users to interact.  On Xbox, the game is operated via Kinect. The technology is very clearly enabling consumers to engage!",  said Dominique Kirmann, Media Director, Mondelēz International.













An engaging and highly interactive brand experience optimized for each individual screen environment.

The Fire and Ice brand experience, is in fact a highly interactive video game derived from the defining moment in Carte Noire’s coffee production known as ‘Carte Noire fire and ice roasting*’ where a jet of cold water instantaneously cuts the coffee blending process and creates uniquely rich flavour. Players are competing to collect an equal number of balls of ice and fire over three levels in record time.  At the end of the campaign on 31 March, the winner will receive an Xbox One and a draw will also attribute 5 Xbox 360 and 5 Window Phone Nokia LUMIA prizes.  This branded experience is particularly engaging due to the fact that the way people interact with the game will depend upon the device and service via which they access Fire and Ice.  On Xbox, the gaming console and/or Kinect enable both gesture and voice control, on the PC and tablet touch is an integral part of the controls and when playing on Skype, the webcam becomes key to the game.

The digital advertising campaign will also be supported by a Carte Noire bus tour to eleven cities in France where people will be able to not only taste the coffee, but also enjoy the touch-controlled branded experience on a Surface.

Mondelēz International’s Marketing Manager PODS, Emmanuelle Dubost has clearly stated the group’s intention to extend the campaign into further geographies in the near future.  So even if you are not going to be in France between now and the end of March, there is a good chance you will still be able to enjoy the Fire and Ice experience in the near future!

For further information please visit Hub Presse Microsoft France



* As ice extinguishes fire, a shower of cold water instantly stops the roasting process at the precise moment to capture flavours and aroma at their best.

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