Arthur Tindsley
Posted on 03/02/14

As an avid fan of the Creative Tech network, it was obvious to me that Microsoft was the perfect place to host the next ‘meet-up’. Taking over the reins from Ogilvy Lab’s brilliant first event, we opened our doors to 120 creative technologists from across the country.

We were also honoured to work with Samm Pearey and Dino Burbidge as a team, as we all sought to promote technology and creativity.

The meet-up had three brilliant speakers and here are my key takeaways that I want to share with you from each speaker:

Andrew Spooner – ‘The power of Dolby surround sound and Windows 8’

We are often so invested in designing for our eyes that we forget the power of our ears. Andrew took us on a whistle-stop tour of sound design through the ages, including Nokia’s first ever refined alarm clock sound and witnessing their pursuit of perfection in waking you up. Andrew followed up with an exploration of application sound design and the implications using Dolby sound could have for users. Andrew kitted out the room with a full Dolby surround system, engrossing the audience with a rich and immersive sound stage.

Seb Lee-Delisle – ‘Digital Artist’

It felt like Seb could have spent his whole talk discussing the different naming conventions of us digital creative types, but instead he decided to blow the audience's minds with his amazing body of digital art work. Seb is the brain child behind PixelPhones, Lunar Trails and PixelPyros and used his time to wow the crowd with creative insights behind the projects. 

Ben Griffin – ‘Code Buddhist’

Next up was Ben Griffin who gave us an insight into the life of a Buddhist and its similarities to good coding ethics. Ben divulged the early origins of scripting and reminded us of the core simplicity to our jobs and how we should find inner peace with our coding skills and surroundings. I, on the other hand, did a wonderful job of setting off the fire alarm during his speech. Sorry Ben!

Next a bunch of likeminded and interesting folk descended on our local watering hole to catch up and discuss the topics addressed. All in all, a great event!


I cannot wait until next time.

Thanks for reading.


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